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Application Procedure
You can apply for our loan service online or through our customer service hotline.
U Credit provides you with express application: 15 minutes for initial evaluation and cash transfer within 24 hours.
Step 1
Fill in the online application form, and submit the documents via website, email or WhatsApp.
Step 2
Fast-track approval in 15 mins, please click here to check the application status.
Step 3
Upon approval, customers will be notified over the phone regarding the offer.
Step 4
Cash will be transferred to your designated account in 24 hours.
U Credit offers you a first mortgage up to 85% of the property value. Regardless of age, property type, and even PA cases, U Credit also accepts the application...
Mortgage Loan
U Credit will offer you a second mortgages without providing the deed, the total loan amount is up to 80% of the property value...
Second Mortgage Loan
U Credit offers you a personal loan without collateral. Application procedure is simple, without complicated documentation...
Debt Consolidation Loan can help you pay off credit cards, clear the debt and provide cash for your short-term liquidity need...
Debt Consolidation Loan
U Credit is willing to offer loan services to startup founders, people who want to expand business or with financial needs immediately...
SME Loan
Successful Cases 1
Debt Consolidation

Mr. Wong Married with two kids 36 years old

Mr. Wong had over 10 loans with a total value of approximately $300,000. He had to make $20,000 monthly payment while his monthly income was only $30,000. His situation had reached high DSR. Other than loan payment, Mr. Wong was responsible for the education expenses of children and family’s daily expenses. He had gone bankrupt and was declined for debt consolidation in many companies before. Mr. Wong came to us and we helped him consolidate $300,000 debts and even offered standby cash to him. Mr. Wong believes in us and will refer his friends to us for help.

Successful Cases 2
Debt Consolidation

Miss Ngai 38 years old Single

Occupation: Cashier (2 years $12,000)

Miss Ngai had 4 external debts with a total value of approximately $115,000 ($66,782 in balance). She had to make $13,372 monthly payment which exceeded her monthly income. We helped her to consolidate the debts and she can settle a total of $75,000 debt with only $4,400 monthly payment now. Miss Ngai is delighted and feels grateful for our help!

Successful Cases 3
First Mortgage

Miss Tang Female Single Occupation: Insurance Secretary

Miss Tang’s goal is to make first mortgage loan in a bank. She had 3 loans in Promise, Konew and Fubon with a total value of over 1 million dollars. She than came to us and successfully solved her financial problem!

Successful Cases 4
Second Mortgage Loan

Mr. Chan (Second Mortgage)

Occupation: Engine (Self-employed) Sex: Male Married Lived with Wife and Mum Monthly Income: $30,000

Mr. Chan had a second mortgage loan of $600,000 with 120 instalment payments in XXX to clear personal debts. He then thought the interest was too high, so he wanted to change debt management company. Moreover, the Land Registry had recorded Mr. Chan’s 3 million debts in XXX which Mr. Chan was not aware of that before. Our company helped him to solve the problem with the Land Registry and transferred him to another company with lower interest. Mr. Chan was satisfied that we helped him clear the debt in XXX and offer him $1.5 million standby cash.

Simple procedures for easy cash
U Credit mortgage loans will provide you with cash flow resolutions and to help you during hard times. U Credit looks to build a "Better Tomorrow" with you and to create a success for you in the future.